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This article covers a latest list of current affairs 22 January 2021.In All competitive exams, current affairs or current news is the main focusable topic. JobAlerts4u provides current affairs 2021 as well as current affairs of last 6 month of 2020.In this article , we provide questions & answers as well as brief description of current affairs 2020-21.

Latest Current Affairs 2021- Current Affair 22 January 2021

Q1: What is the author name of book “A textbook of Urban Planning and Geography” ?

Ans: Dr. Sameer Sharma

Key Points :

  • Venkaiah Naidu, the Vice President of India launched the book “A text of Urban Planning and Geography” .
  • Dr. Sameer Sharma is the Director General and CEO of the Indian Institute of Corporates Affairs in Hyderabad, Telangana.

Q2: What is the full form of UVIT of ISRO ?

Ans : UVIT is Ultra Violet Imaging Telescope that is placed in Astrosat satelite.

Key Points :

The Astrosat is the 1st multi wavelength space satellite of India.UNIT is the three times better then GALEX of NASA.

Q3 : What is Risa and What it’s importance in the Culture of Tripura ?

Ans : Risa is the traditional dress of Tripura.The Govt of Tripura is to promote Risa at very high level.

Key Points :

“Risa Sormani” is an oldest ceremony in the culture of Tripura.On this day, the 14 year old girl is given Risa to wear first time.

Q4: In which state, Kokborok Day is celebrated ?

Ans : Kokborok Day is celebrated in Tripura to celebrated the development of Kokborok language. Every year, the day is observed on January 19. The Kokborok is the official language of Tripura.

Q5: Which book is recently released by the former Chief Election Commission Dr. S Y Quraishi ?

Ans : The book titled “The Population Myth: Islam, Family Planning and Politics in India” is recently released.

Key Points :

  • This book is published by HarperCollins India.
  • S Y Quraishi book ‘Social Marketing for Social Change’ has contributed to the advancement in the field of Development Communication.

Q6: What is the name of former Governor of Arunachal Pradesh who recently passed away ?

Ans: Mata Prasad

Key Points : He was the senior leader of Indian National Congress.

Q7: Which Mobile app is recently launched by the Defence Minster Rajnath Singh ?

Ans : Aero India 2021

Key Points :

The theme of the Aero India Exhibition 2021 is ‘Runway to a Billion Opportunities’.

Q8: What is the LongOps Project ?

Ans : It is a collaboration b/w UK and Japan.Under the operation, the scientists from Japan and UK will develop new abs safe technologies to dismantle old nuclear facilities.

Key Points :

Cost of LongOps Project is 12 million Euros (120 Crores).

Q9: What is the fullform of SAAW ?

Ans : SAAW stands for Smart Anti Airfield Weapon.

Key Points :

SAAW is the 1st smart weapon fired from an Indian Hawk.It is developed by DRDO.

Q10: What edition of the Global Risks Report, 2021 recently released ?

Ans : 16th Edition

Key Points :

Its is relased by World Econimic Forum.

Q11: Who is the 46th President of USA ?

Ans : Joseph R. Joe Biden

Key Points :

  • He is the 78 year old , became the oldest President in the history of the USA.He belong to Democratic Political Party .
  • Kamala Harris took oath as the 49th Vice President of USA.

Q12: Who awarded ‘Nelson Mandela’ World Humanitarian Award ?

Ans: Philanthropist Ravi Gaikwad

Q13: Which Bank become India’s 1st Payment Bank to launch the multi partner FD Services ?

Ans : Paytm Payments Bank Ltd partnered with Suryoday Small Finance Bank Ltd .

Key Points :

Paytm launched in 2017 and MD & CEO named Satish Kumar Gupta.

Q14: Which Bank launched ‘AURA’, a Credit Card with affordable price ?

Ans: Axis Bank

Key Points :

  • It’s aim to provide complete health and wellness solutions to its uses.
  • Axis is the 3rd largest private bank in India.
  • Tagline – ‘Badti Ka Naam Zindgi’ .

Q15: What is the India’s rank in Global Firepower Nations Index 2021 ?

Ans : 4th Rank

Q16: What is the Director name of Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) ?

Ans: Qu Dongyu

Q17: Which is the new name of “Howrah-Kalka Mail ” ?

Ans: Neta Ji Express

Key Points :

  • It is the one of oldest train in India.
  • As a tribute to Freedom Fighter “Netaji” Subhas Chandra Bose the train name renamed by Ministry of Railways.
  • The train was first operated on 1st January 1866 as Howrah-Peshawar Express.

January Current Affairs 2021

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