Privacy Policy

The privacy policy has incorporated in such a way that its more readily serves the individual who are worried about their Personal identifiable information is being used. please read below information below carefully to get clear information about how we collect, use, secure, and use your personally identifiable information in our website.

At which point we collect the information ?

we collect information when you comment or enter information on our webstie

which personnel information do we collect from people who visiting our website?

when u register on our website, when you enter your name ,email address and website or different data to assist you as per your need.

For what purpose we use your information ?

we make use of your information for study or marketing communication , surfing  the website, to allow us more likely administration, in serve you more better.

Do we use Cookies in our website ?

we use cookies to find the visitor needs, and save visitors information for future development. Your computer may warned you when a treat seat to you, using setting in browser you can kill all cookies.

when you disable the cookies, a lot of features will disable it. which wont affect the visitors encounter,  and may a portion of our administration will not work appropriately.