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top 9 surf spots in Canada

You cannot wait for the ice cream to melt in order to finally ride your board, but do not want to ruin yourself? These 9 surf spots in Canada will put you back on your feet!

1. Tofino, British Columbia

Considered by many to be “the best surf destination in North America,” Tofino Village, located on the west coast of Vancouver Island, offers a wide variety of beaches (Long Beach and Chesterman are the most popular among beginners).

Tofino, British Columbia in Canada
Tofino, British Columbia in Canada

In addition to offering waves of quality, Tofino has a wild nature, a relaxed atmosphere and a wide selection of beachfront accommodation.This is the one of the best surf spots in Canada.

2. Kincardine, Ontario

Located on Lake Huron, the Town of Kincardine has a surfable beach that can easily compete with coastal locations. Know that at this place is best place to stay in Canada for couples and the waves are prone to temperature, up to three meters high. A unique surf spot if you are a lake surf lover!

Kincardine, Ontario in Canada
Kincardine, Ontario in Canada

3. Sturgeon Falls, Manitoba

Located about an hour and a half from Winnipeg, the Sturgeon Falls offer a wide variety of waves that will appeal to surfers of all levels. In May and June, the waters get warmer, allowing you to tackle surfing waves, but also paddle boarding or kayaking. River surf not monotonous!

Sturgeon Falls, Manitoba in Canada
Sturgeon Falls, Manitoba in Canada

4. Sombrio Beach, British Columbia

This wide pebble beach is located on Vancouver Island and is ideal for camping or hiking. As for surfing, the thermal suits are appropriate, but pretty left and right wait for the surfer patients.

5.  Kananaskis River, Alberta

Located 40 minutes west of Calgary, this tumultuous river has several surf spots. Whether at The Mountain, The Green Tongue or Santa Claus, surfers can come and stretch your legs and enjoy a good river surfing session. Beware of rocks!

Kananaskis River,Alberta
Kananaskis River,Alberta

6. Habitat 67, Quebec

Habitat 67 is the name of a stationary wave located in Montreal in the Lachine Rapids. The wave is created by the rapid movement of water that will hit the rocks underwater, creating a wave that can reach up to two meters. Water kayakers live like river surfers come to enjoy themselves even if the quality of the water is questionable ..!

7. Lawrence town Beach, Nova Scotia

At 25 minutes south of Halifax is the small coastal town of Lawrence town Beach. The village hosts a friendly community of surfers from enjoying the Atlantic coast and its beautiful waves (especially at night).

Lawrencetown Beach, Nova Scotia in Canada
Lawrencetown Beach, Nova Scotia

Lawrence town Beach is best place to stay in Canada for couples and a strip of sand facing the South which takes place over a distance of 1.5 kilometers and also offers lovely walks, besides being supervised by the Nova Scotia Department Life guarding.

8. Dead man’s Bay, Newfoundland and Labrador

For those who are not cold, several surf spots exist in Newfoundland. In the Atlantic, the wind is strong and many storms disturb the surface of the waters. These weather variations cause waves to form on the coast, making the area perfect for surfing.

Deadman’s Bay, Newfoundland and Labrador
Deadman’s Bay, Newfoundland and Labrador

The Dead man’s Bay area offers surprising waves, as does that of New Melbourne, further south. Be aware that these places are more recommendable for seasoned surfers!

9. Lake Superior, Ontario

The north shore of this huge lake is perfect for catching some waves. If a thermal suit is a must, also consider weather conditions since the waves can exceed three meters in height! The best-known surf spots in Canada are Lester River, Stoney Point and Park Point.

Lake Superior, Ontario in Canada
Lake Superior, Ontario in Canada

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